Calm & Steady



Soothing adaptogen blend. This blend is deeply nourishing to the adrenal glands, helps your body adapt to stress with less harmful effects, and allows you to find your center in the storm. Contains: alcohol extract of Ashwagandha Root, Skullcap, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Milky Oats, and Motherwort. Do not take during pregnancy. It may be taken during lactation.


Often when we are exhausted, run down, burnt out, and wanting some instant energy, it’s easy to turn to stimulating substances such as caffeine or sugar, in order to get a quick blast. But this can mean that our adrenal glands, our kidneys, and other systems of our bodies pay a high price, leading to even deeper fatigue.

In fact, even certain stimulating herbs, taken with the idea of upping energy, can create the same dynamic. It’s like giving a chronic over-spender an increase on their credit card limit. The nervous system can become even more disregulated, leading to chaotic digestion, a shorter fuse, less restorative sleep and ultimately enabling one to burn out even more.

This lovely blend brings real replenishment to the deepest levels of physiology, promoting relaxation while restoring energy at its roots. It contains nervous system tonic herbs which promote CALM, both in the moment that they are taken, as well as helping to “reset” the pattern, cumulatively over time. Gentle, nourishing adaptogenic herbs promote STEADY energy over time, by rejuvenating the kidneys and adrenals: the body’s energy storehouse.

All in all, taking Calm & Steady, is akin to having a buffer from the harmful impact stress can have on the body.


Calm & Steady for Self Care

This popular tincture blend can help your body adapt better to stress, with less harmful physical effects. It calms the nerves, and lifts the spirits. It nourishes the heart, the nervous system, the adrenal glands, can help ease anxiety and lift depression.

A tincture is an alcohol-extract, meaning that the herbs were soaked in alcohol (as opposed to water, such as in making tea to drink). This process extracts and concentrates the medicinal properties of a plant.

Without totally succumbing to the tendency to think in terms of the “take this for that” approach of herbal medicine—an easy trap, but something we want to avoid, since the goal is to treat people, not problems—I will mention some of the attributes for each of the herbs in the blend. Perhaps something will resonate, and you’ll recognize yourself in the picture of one or some of these, and find them helpful. It is also an option, of course, to pick and choose and work with a single extract (one herb at a time), or just a couple, rather than all of them.


Leonurus cardiaca

One of my favorite herbs, Motherwort just has a way of calming emotional uproar at the drop of a hat. It’s so instantly gratifying the way that one can be having a crying jag, or be in a fit of rage, or deeply despairing, and immediately upon taking Motherwort, can gain perspective and find one’s center in the storm. It happens also to be a heart tonic herb, and is known, in China especially, as a longevity herb.


Milky Oats

Avena sativa

The plant-part used in this preparation is the seed harvested in its “milk bud” phase. This is like a shoulder rub in a bottle. Soothing and moisturizing, oats are a cardiovascular tonic herb, and one of my favorite herbs for quieting frazzled nerves, especially when worry has been gnawing at a person. I have written pages about it, but in this context it is used as a restorative nerve tonic. Also plays a supportive role in easing withdrawal.


Ashwagandha Root

Withania somnifera

A premier adaptogenic herb, taken for building steady energy, nourishing/replenishing the adrenal glands, modifying the stress response in the body, and increasing overall vitality. It is considered a nervine, which means an herb that helps to restore, tone and strengthen the nervous system.




Scutellaria lateriflora

This member of the mint family is wonderfully relaxing, eases tension, and is gently analgesic (pain relieving). It is a go-to herb in times of nervous exhaustion/breakdown. It is often used to ease anxiety, especially if one characteristic of the presentation of anxiety is thoughts going round and round. Skullcap is the herb to reach for if withdrawing from alcohol or other drug addiction. It is gently sedating, and if used in greater quantities, can help promote restful sleep.

Holy Basil


Holy Basil wears many hats. It is widely knows as an adaptogenic herb, but it also enhances the immune system, is an antiviral herb, and wonderful at easing stress and depression.



Quality Standards

All of the herbs used in Village Herbals’ products are certified organic and/or ethically wild-crafted. Carefully extracted and blended in small batches with careful quality control, your remedies come to you filled with love and thoughtfulness.

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