Our Products for the Childbearing Year

Pregnant & New Mothers

Congratulations on this enormous and exciting life change! This is a special page just for you, where you will find gathered together some of the most helpful products Village Herbals has to offer during the Childbearing Year. Pregnancy, labor and birth, and the postpartum period can call for some extra support. This collection of remedies was designed with you in mind, and made specifically to address some of the most common herbal needs that arise during this time.

Important Note

None of the information provided here should stand in place of getting personalized medical attention and alerting your care team of any symptoms you are having. This is shared in the spirit of providing complimentary support. It is always important to do your own research, involve your primary care provider, listen to your own body, and seek help if you are experiencing troubling symptoms. Not all remedies are appropriate at all times for all people. Contact us if you are not sure what herbs to use.


Ideally, preconception is the best time to start thinking about prenatal health, but we all know there are surprises in life, and that’s not always possible. If you are actively planning a pregnancy, and want to take steps to ensure that you are laying the most solid foundation for a healthy outcome, you may want to start sipping some Fertili-Tea or Fertili-Tea Infusion to support womb health, get extra nutrition, and boost your chances for the best start to the process.


Fertili-Tea Infusion

Herbal Support During Pregnancy

This is not an exhaustive list, but a collection of herbal blends that cover common complaints and needs which often arise during pregnancy. Remember, you can always contact us to get help with herbs that can address your own unique circumstances and concerns.

NEW: Zen Mamma

Stress is real. Whether it’s merely that our existence during the 21st century puts a major strain on our nervous systems, or if you are experiencing more personally stressful events while also tasked with growing a new human, this remedy can help soften anxiety, ease depression and lift the spirits. It is safe to use during pregnancy or with breast-feeding, as you work to address the root causes of stress. These herbs deeply nourish and strengthen your nervous system, promoting a more parasympathetic state, both immediately and cumulatively. Make sure and tell your care provider about this and any other herbs you are taking. More >

The Motherlode

Once you get a confirmed pregnancy test, the topmost favorite everyday brew to drink daily for preventive care and overall nourishment during the time in life when your body has to support not one, but two heartbeats, while keeping the placenta and amniotic sac strong and healthy, and clearing all the metabolic wastes for two lives (and of course more for twins or multiples!), is The Motherlode. You can read more about the benefits of including this nutritive, tonic tea in your daily routine here and purchase it here.

Liver Lover

You can reach for this one during times when digestion feels challenged, and it may be warranted if conditions such as PUPPPS or choleostasis arise. Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the liver, which already performs about 500 functions in the body even without being pregnant! The herbs in this formula are designed to support healthy liver functioning. (Safe to use when breastfeeding, too.) More >

Iron Rich Goodness

The iron-rich herbs in this blend can be helpful when you are trying to boost iron levels and improve energy, in particular in the presence of anemia or low iron stores. (Safe to use when breastfeeding, too.) Hint: If you are working to overcome iron deficiencies/anemia, this blend pairs well with the Motherlode. More >


If you have had a history of pre-eclampsia in previous pregnancies, or if you are seeing signs now such as proteinuria, excessive swelling, headaches or vision changes, and/or you are staring down a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, in addition to working closely with your health care provider and getting the physical and informational support and attention you need, it may also be appropriate to add this blend to your bag of tricks. More >

Healthy Veins

Nothing about hemorrhoids or varicose veins ever seem to be a thought in the pink, fluffy images we first conjure when thinking about the sweet baby we will hold, and yet….reality can come home to roost. Once your blood volume expands 50%, and the various normal, physiological processes of pregnancy and pushing a baby out get involved, the strain is real! The herbs in this blend can be used to promote wellness for all things vascular, including circulation and vein wall integrity. More >

UTI Resolve

Urinary tract infections, unfortunately, can be more prevalent during the Childbearing Year. In addition to staying well-hydrated, alerting your midwife or OB-GYN of symptoms, and seeking testing when appropriate, this blend can be helpful in supporting your body as it clears the infection. It has also been successfully used by many who reach for it when those first twinges come, to head the development of a full-blown UTI off at the pass. It’s usually easier to solve small problems, than to wait for things to escalate. More >


A big question that can arise in pregnancy in the presence of a positive Group Beta Strep test is what to do about it during labor. Standard care for a GBS positive woman in a medical setting is to administer IV antibiotics during labor. Some people use this blend to attempt to eradicate the bacteria before they undergo testing, with the hopes of getting a negative result in the first place. Some people attempt to use this kit to clear GBS after they have received a positive test result. Depending on many factors, including how heavily one is colonized with the bacteria, this blend can be used as a supportive measure in promoting healthy flora. This is a subject worth researching, so that you understand your choices. The tincture and wash are provided in the spirit of expanding the scope of your options. The tincture is taken orally, while the wash is used with a peribottle as a vaginal rinse, ideally for 7 days before testing. More >

Cold & Flu Begone

We make a variety of blends for various respiratory ailments and to boost immunity in times of sickness. This one is included here as a reminder that there are some great herbal options to help you get through uncomfortable symptoms, and perhaps help you to avoid having to use some OTC cold formulas that are less than ideal during pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum. More >

Stop Contractions

If you are experiencing preterm labor contractions, the most important thing to do is pick up your phone right away (right now!) and let your care provider know. But you may want to be equipped with this formula, especially if you have a history of preterm labor, to help “keep the bun in the oven.” It is important to note that no single tincture can be enough to stop the swelling tide of premature birth without some other significant changes, usually involving more rest, ruling out an infection, and other things that need to be addressed by your care provider. This is a helpful tool for some, while taking other measures to address the root cause. More >

Labor Preparation Blend

Babies decide when it is time to be born, and full maturity of their lungs is actually what starts the cascade of hormonal changes that ultimately initiate labor. This formula is helpful for some who have a history of post-dates labors in the past, or are staring down the dreadful deadlines imposed by certain care perimeters. There is no guarantee that taking this tincture will magically put you into full-blown labor, but it contains herbs that can help promote the process. It can be a useful tool if you are starting to try to induce labor at home. As always, this is a complicated matter best decided by you and your care team. More >

For After the Birth: the Tender Postpartum Time

NEW: Duct Rescue

The occasional plugged duct happens. We hope to catch these problems when they are small, to avoid progressing to full-blown Mastitis (breast infection). But either way, this blend can help by boosting your immune system, helping to clear your lymph, and addresses brewing infections head on. It is CRITICAL that you address your need to attend to this problem early. Nothing is more potent than rest, when it comes to healing a breast issue such as this. Most of the time, women find that when a plugged duct happens, or mastitis is knocking on the door, its a call to rest more, to stay better hydrated, and to focus more on nourishment. Many of the blends listed on this page may be appropriate to use in conjunction with this remedy, such as Mamma Mia, Zen Mamma, and Ease Up Tea (or even better, to use preventively). But nothing will help as much as going to bed with your baby and staying that way, skin-to-skin, for 24 hours. Do nothing else but nurse (a lot!), drink and eat well. This is a time to call for help and support with older children, if at all possible. Other adjunct therapies such as laying on hot compresses, and hand-expressing milk while massaging the plugged duct toward the nipple, are also very helpful. More >
Remember: In the presence of a plugged duct, or the development of mastitis, be sure to alert your care provider early.


Stop Bleeding Now

If you are under the care of a midwife or doctor during your birth, you will not need to think about this remedy, but for those going it alone in an unassisted setting, don’t give birth without it! Handling postpartum hemorrhage is beyond the scope of this writing, but the herbs in this blend are classically used by traditional herbalists and midwives to help halt bleeding. Never hesitate to call 911 if you find yourself in the position of wondering if you are losing too much blood. This blend is not intended for use outside of immediate postpartum bleeding. More >

Baby Bliss Bath Blend

Mother and babe soaking in a candle lit tub-full of water to which this blend has been added in a home birth or birth center setting, immediately after the birth, can be a sweet and peaceful way to promote tissue-healing, ease soreness, and take a well-deserved pause after birth. These herbs can also be brewed up to be used in place of tissue paper, in the tender days that follow, by rinsing with it in a peri-bottle after urinating. To make a healing compress, try pouring the brew over maxi-pads, to soak and freeze for use in the first 24 hours after birth. These healing herbs can help to relive pain, address swelling, and promote wound healing in the event there was any tearing during birth. (Also a big relief for hemorrhoids!) If you opt to freeze the pads, remember to do so in a bowl, so that they are curved to fit your body. More >

Baby’s First Bath Bags

Your little one has been a water creature during their time inside the womb. The transition to the outside, and becoming acclimated to the air can be an adjustment for baby’s skin. The calming herbs in this bath blend soothe, relax and sweeten the experience. Learn what you can about delaying the baby’s first bath, to preserve the vernix (a protective “cream” the baby is coated with inside the womb), as well as to preserve and protect the most instinctual need for baby and mom to smell each other, promoting better bonding and breastfeeding success. Once you are home and ready to introduce your baby back into the water, Lavender, Calendula and Comfrey ease the way, connecting your baby to Earthly wonders. More >

After Pains Away

In the first few days after you have your baby, you will likely experience some uterine cramping. This is normal as your uterus begins its journey to return to it’s pre-pregnant size and position. In addition to this helpful blend, you may find relief from a hot water bottle. Remember to rest a lot! The more you stay in bed, the better. Being up too much puts undue pressure on your pelvic floor, and aggravates bleeding. More >

Mamma Mia!

After your bundle of joy has arrived, you will enter into a very tender time of great transition, and healing. This blend helps to support you while your body mends, as you make milk for your baby, and your emotions find new calibration to meet this huge new moment in your life. The Mamma Mia “Mood, Milk and Mending” blend for postpartum mothers can be enjoyed for as long as you like after your birth, but ideally, drinking it for at least 6 weeks (which is usually two big bag’s worth), this daily brew can help smooth the rough edges as you adjust to your role as a new mother. Go here to purchase and read more about this blend.

Milky Way Mamma

If you find yourself struggling to make enough milk for your baby, take heart. There are many factors involved, and usually the most overlooked are the fundamentals of getting enough rest, nourishment and hydration. This blend can promote milk production as you also make the changes needed to address the root cause. This blend pairs beautifully with Mamma Mia. This issue is very common, and most of the time, going to bed for 24 hours with your baby to lie skin-to-skin and do nothing else but eat and drink can be enough to turn it around. If production does not increase, even as you make improvements to diet, hydration and rest, make sure to reach out to your care team for possible thyroid testing, and to rule out other causes. More >

Belly Button Fairy Dust

Not every baby will need help with this, but sometimes in the process of waiting for the umbilical stump to fall away, there can be redness, and even some risk that it may progresses to an infection. If you see excessive “goopy-ness” or are concerned about reddening of the skin around the stump, let your care provider know right away. This powder can be sprinkled directly onto the site to promote healing and counter infection. More >

Mood Mender

Motherwort is the only ingredient in this extract, and is found to be quite helpful for many experiencing the great transitions of womanhood: premenstrual syndrome, period cramps, postpartum, menopause. It helps to ease the rough edges, lending strength and fortitude as you stand in the storm. Crying jags, anxiety, depression, emotional uproar: all of these emotions are part of your wise intelligence, but sometimes we need something to guide us back to ourselves and to support us as we cross new thresholds. Remember to reach out to your care providers, friends and family for extra help if you are traveling a rocky road. More >

Nipple Salve-ation

Blisters. Cracks. Bleeding. Pain. Not what any of us look forward to or expect when we imagine first holding our sweet baby to the breast, but for many who are learning to breastfeed, this temporary state of being can be very challenging. Make sure you have a good latch, reach out for help sooner than later from your midwife, a lactation consultant or another experienced mother, and remember there are tools to help! It won’t always be like this. Nipple Salve-ation can be applied between feedings to ease the discomfort and promote healing. Other tips include air-drying nipples after feeding, checking the position and latch of the baby, and taking some deep, relaxing breaths before attempting to nurse. More >

Ease Up Tea

Fussy, gassy babies, stressed out Moms and even other members of the family may enjoy this blend to “stress a little less.” For colicky babies, mothers can drink it to pass through the milk. Do not give it directly to infants. Remember to root out the cause of ongoing gassiness, such as food sensitivities, too much separation, or too much activity  around the baby. Pairs well with a nice flower bath for the uncomfortable infant. More >

Skin Soother Salve

This healing herbal salve is helpful for a variety of skin ailments, both the standard “household variety” of cuts, scrapes, bug bites and rashes. During the childbearing year, remember it for skin eruptions caused by PUPPPS, for healing vaginal tears, hemorrhoids, and diaper rash. Don’t forget that air is the single most helpful remedy for a diaper rash, as well as rooting out the cause, such a food sensitivity or irritant like certain laundry detergents. More >

Postpartum Gift Bag

A wonderful baby shower gift! A $56 value for just $50. This bag contains Mamma Mia Postpartum Brew, Baby Bliss Bath Blend, one peri-bottle, Nipple Salve-ation and Belly Button Fairy Dust Umbilical Care Powder. More >