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Greetings one and all-

It is with gratitude and honor that I would like to announce that Village Herbals is changing ownership. 

My name is Telsche Overby. For many of you, I am familiar as a long-time friend of Stella Lyn’s. For others, this may be our first encounter. Regardless, I am here today as fall makes it’s swift and sweeping changes to our landscapes, bodies, and emotions, to say thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow with you as my future customers and friends.

Stella Lyn has opted to pursue a new, exciting path in life, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she has trusted me to nurture this incredible business into a new era. The woman behind the scenes may have changed, but the products, the recipes, the love, care and attention to detail will remain the same. Follow her adventure at medium.com/@StrawIntoGold

 As with most things that happen organically in a one-woman business, Stella and I haven’t had the chance to fully complete this transition. I am currently inventorying, ordering, tincturing, and mixing. The webshop will open very shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to email me if there is something you were hoping to order right away. I may very well be able to accommodate you.  You can send a message through the website directly, or to: villageherbalsalaska@gmail.com. And, as always, you can purchase products from local vendors in Alaska. Click here to see the list stores that carry Village Herbals.

Cheers! I honestly can’t express how thrilled I am to embark on this new adventure.


Customer Testimonials

Village Herbals Tin Man’s Salve has a much more integrative and healing feeling than all the CBD salves I have tried. With CBD it feels as though it’s masking the pain, or moving it around. There’s a deeper healing dimension as well as pain relieving factor with the Tin Man’s Salve.

KM - Palmer

I remember the day you walked me out on the lawn to show an example of plantain, therein starting my herbal journey. Thanks!

Sharon Hein

“I really like the herbs you suggested for me. When I use them I feel a greater sense of well-being. The herbs I have tried from other sources did not have the same quality, and could not compete with your prices.”

Angela Elgee